Goosebumps ...

Do y'all know when ure listening to a song and all of the sudden you get goosebumps..
Well, that happend to me at the following songs:

Maxwell - Pretty Wings

Avery Storm "Promise"


Y'all gotta feel me with this one!

Need me sum el-ow-vie-ie !

This shit is messed up man!
Still can't find that special person .. thought i did, but it didn't
worked out how it should been've workin out.
Still got feelings for him though. Can't live with & without him !
it's kinda weird cuz this thing between is going on and on for what uhh
like 3 yrs and still didn't end up in something serious & shit !
Even on work.. keep on thinkin' 'bout him good & bad times make it up again a minute later laughin' with myself..
people watchin' me like i'm a psycho ass bitch laughin at herself thats sad
okay okay i gotta admit I'M A BITCH .. sumtimes a little too much!

ok no further details...

Bitch i'm done ! :(

My Drizzy Drake ! Favorite lines !

  • I'll be hitting all the spots that you ain't even know was there! (Best i ever had)
  • You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice (Best i ever had)
  • That whole Nicki Minaj piece ! Best i ever had RMX !
  • My shirt ain't got no stripes but I can make your pussy whistle! HAHA (Best i ever had)
  • I can't even find, the perfect brush. So I can paint what's going through my mind! (Brand New)
Y'all know what fuck it.. im not gonna put it all up on in here too much work.. i'm too lazy fo that ish!
'm 'bout to put all the names up in here :

  • Best i ever had RMX ft nicki minaj!
  • Sooner tHab later!
  • Bria's interlude!
  • A nigHt off!
  • Brand new !
  • Successful!
  • houstatlantavegas!